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Our exclusive offer: SH miner C3SS5  with 6 Th/s

We present a modern miner C3SS5 with water cooling based on boards S5 with 1384 chips with hash rate  5.4 Th/s in base and the ability of overclocking up to 6 Th/s. Efficient water cooling device allows to operate in all climate conditions. The device has a compact and reliable steel case.

Produced since March 2015.

Price: Retail price is 3.0btc per unit excluding shipping cost.

All discounts can be discussed.


Our pride – miner and small hot water boiler, model SH-W3!


We present new miner with water cooling (small boiler for hot water supply) – SH-W3. This miner is the best solution for cottage water heating. Nominal power of device – 1.5 kW. Thermal power is adjusted in the range from 1 to 1.5 kW. It contains 120 of ASIC processors BM1384. The temperature of the water in the secondary circuit – up to 70 degrees. Computing performance – up to 2.7 Th


Produced since October 2015.

Price: Retail price is 2.5btc per unit inluding PSU.

All discounts can be discussed.


Publications about Smartheat

Do you want to know what others write about us, why customers choose  the products of SmartHeat? The answers to these questions can be found in the articles about SmartHeat devices in the press and on specialized websites dedicated to heating. Experienced experts in the field of heating systems bring their evaluation of the effectiveness of Smart Heat devices , provide recommendations for the use of those or other models for specific tasks of house heating.